Welcome to our incoming Young Rider Coordinator - Barb Jensen

Welcome Barb Jensen as our incoming Area VII Young Rider Coordinator.

Welcome Barb Jensen as our incoming Area VII Young Rider Coordinator.

Please extend a warm welcome to Barb Jensen, Area VII's new Young Rider Coordinator, and please be on the lookout for opportunities to help her as she graciously takes on this important volunteer position.

Here's an introduction from Barb:

My experience with the Area VII Young Rider program started in 2012 when my daughter, Rio, started competing in recognized shows. I signed her up thinking it would be a great way for her to meet and interact with other young riders outside of her barn. I can still remember her first YR team experience at one of her first shows. My role was minimal because I too was learning what the program was about. As a way to get out of her way I would volunteer at shows. Then, about 3 years ago Karla was looking for help with implementing some new ideas within the program, hence, I became the Team Challenge Chef d'Equipe. I also dove in and began helping with the clinics and camps along with some other fabulous parents. It has been really fun watching the young riders over the years move up the levels.


My goals for the program are to really keep the enthusiasm going that has built up over the last few years. I want there to be something for every level of rider. This is a development program from Beginner Novice to NAYC with a lot of fun and education intertwined.


It is exciting that we have some top notch trainers and coaches in Area VII who devote their time and are committed to developing our YRs into being the best riders in the country.


I hope to encourage all parents and young riders to give back to the program by jumping in and helping just as I did. No role is too small and any volunteer time is valuable. Please reach out to me with ideas or help at any time. Thank you for your support.