Announcing 2019 Young Rider Virtual Teams!

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Area VII / IV NAYC 1* Team wins Silver!!
Congratulations Callia & Xyder, Isabella & Calicool, and Harper & Rubia!

The Young Rider program is offered through the USEA for riders twenty-one years of age and younger in all levels of riding. The purpose of the program is to encourage our younger members to become involved in the sport of Eventing and continue this involvement into their adult lives.

The Young Rider program is divided into two parts: 

  • YRAP - Young Rider Advancement Program and

  • NAYC - North American Junior Young Rider Championships

Each functions in cooperation with the other and operate under the facilitation of the Area Young Rider Coordinator.

What is the purpose of the Young Rider Program?

  • To encourage and support the sport of eventing in competitors twenty-one years of age and younger.

  • To make young riders aware of educational opportunities - coaching, course walks, clinics, camps, etc.

  • To promote good sportsmanship and the facilitation of working as a team member.

  • To develop respect for the horse, without whom none of this is possible.

  • To develop camaraderie among young riders, thus, hopefully, developing lifelong friendships and a commitment to the sport, which will be carried on as members of the USEA, volunteers at local events, coaches, trainers, competitors, and consumers of equine products.

  • To field a team of intermediate level young riders to represent each area at the two-star level at the North American Young Riders Championship.

  • To field a team of preliminary level young riders to represent each area at the one-star level at the North American Young Riders Championship.

Caring and Sharing: Why Young Riders Matter

2018 Young Rider Leaderboard

1st Hungarian Villian Makenna Henry 
3rd Revolutionist Mia Morehart
4th Rubel Eva Jacroux
5th The Diceman J.J. Yenne

1st Tucker Too Lilly Linder 
2nd Fritz Patrick Olivia Miller 
3rd Clementine Madelyn Floyd 
4th Faramir Kayla Dumler
5th Kedrah House Lux Candace Michele

Beginner Novice
1st Jess Because Harper Padgett 
4th Disco Inferno Sylvia Bran 
5th Sorrento Rachel Russel

1st Little Sure Shot Dane Pagett 
3rd Seamless Madison Boesch
4th Out of the Blue Krisalyn Brown

2018 Young Rider Low Score Winners

Caber Horse Trials YR Low Score Winners!
Intermediate: Harper Click 
Preliminary: Olivia Miller 
Training: Alina Patterson 
Novice: Dane Padgett
Beginner Novice: Teagan Weise

Aspen Farms YR Low Score Winners!
Preliminary: Lilly Linder 
Training: Madison Langerak 
Novice: Dane Padgett
Beginner Novice: Rachel Russell

EI YR Low Score Winners!
Preliminary: Jenna Lounsbery
Training: Abigail Coy
Novice: Hailey Blackburn
Beginner Novice: Madelyn Myers

Inavale YR Low Score Winners!
Preliminary: Callia Drewien Englund and Carter 
Training: Reese Blinks and Calamari
Novice: Annabelle Swain and Brindy Got Back
Beginner Novice: Rachel Russell and Sorrento