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Results for Aspen Farm Horse Trials

Live Scoring for Arrow Head Horse Trials
Live Scoring for Inavale Farm Horse Trials

Entries are now open for
Whidbey Island Horse Trials has been canceled for 2019 - some of the property rented for the competition in the past has been sold. Considerations for a new facility on the island is under investigation.

Entries opened for The Event at Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana June 11

Entries open for The Young Rider’s Benefit Horse Trials in Centralia, Washington June 25th

Entries for Caber Farm Horse Trials open July 9th.

This is not meant to raise alarm - just awareness. Please be aware of the health of yourself and your horses, and minimize the spreading of contagious germs for both people and horses. Competitions can be a very stressful event for both members of the competition and so it is important to be mindful to prevent spreading germs while traveling. Pay attention to your horses behavior and monitor their vitals to identify if they may be developing an illness or something that would be better to stay at home and not spread it to others. Please use dipping buckets where there is open shared water, minimize physical contact with horses outside your barn and wash hands often to prevent spreading germs. Good luck to everyone and have a safe and enjoyable competition season.

Volunteers. Eventers know that volunteers are the backbone of our sport. I could go on and on about the endless things that volunteers do to keep our events up and running – but that is an article unto itself.This month I’d like to introduce you to two of Area VII’s most hard-working and faithful volunteers.

Cindi Carrell and Rick Resto: USEA's Volunteers of the Month Presented by Athletux

by Cynthia Bayles

Cindi Carrell and Rick Resto, Photo courtesy of Cindi Carrell.

Cindi Carrell and Rick Resto, Photo courtesy of Cindi Carrell.

Meet Cindi Carrell and Rick Resto, Area VII’s Volunteers of the Year in both 2017 and 2018. Rick and Cindi each logged well in excess of 100 hours of volunteer time each year. I can only imagine how many hours they’ve put in over the years in total! If you are a competitor in Area VII you are likely very familiar with the smiling faces of these two amazing volunteers. Organizers know if Rick and Cindi volunteer that they are hard working and reliable, fellow volunteers love working with them as they are kind, professional and energetic and perhaps most importantly, as a rider, I know when I see their smiling faces that I am in good hands. Nervous on the way to bit check for that dressage ride or being told you’re next up in the jump ring? Cindi’s bright smile and encouraging comments always impart a sense of calm. “Rick and I both love to help others so volunteering to us is natural. continue reading…

Young Rider News:

Young Riders Show Jump Clinic at the beautiful WSHP was a great success!! So much learned, improvements happened in both grid work and course work! If you ever have an opportunity to take a SJ lesson with Lindsay Uyesugi, DO IT!! You will not be sorry! Thank you to all the parents that helped make this weekend a great success! It takes a team to pull these clinics and camps off and we have a great team!

Announcing 2019 Young Rider Virtual Teams!

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Area VII Young Rider Clinic and Camp calendar.

Area VII Young Rider Camp @ Caber Farm
July 5-8
All phases of eventing and educational ummounted sessions. 
Clinicians TBD

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Entry to Camp.

2018 Year end Awards Winners