Amy Evans

Where were you born and raised;

Keizer, OR

Educational background;

Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Washington

Master of Professional Accounting, University of Washington

Brief employment history:

Senior Manager, Acquisition Integration – Banfield Pet Hospital – 2017 to present

Assurance Manager (Associate, Senior) – PricewaterhouseCoopers –  2012-2017

Earliest horse memory:

Riding the ponies in Black Butte with my dad walking next to me.

Hobbies other than riding:

Loving on my dogs, watching college football (Go Huskies!), reading, boating

Heroes and inspirations;

My mom, who sacrificed quite a lot for me to be able to ride as a kid, and my dad and step-mom for coming out and being so supportive! Also, my husband, who grew up in Portland and had never been around horses before marrying me (I wasn’t even riding when we met/started dating/got married…Surprise!) Everyone warned him how much money and time would be spent in these endeavors, but it never really prepares you. And through it all he has been supportive and has learned the sport (and is now my FEI groom!). And my trainers, Anna Collier and John Camlin, who always manage to get the best out of the horses they ride and the people they train.

Anything folks would be surprised to learn about you:

I’m deathly terrified of cougars and sharks.

Where do you hope to be in 10 years;

Eventing with family in tow!

Kristen Meshberg

Where were you born and raised;

Born: Harvey, IL, Raised in Chicago suburbs

Educational background; Master’s Degree in Teaching, Bachelor’s Psychology

Brief employment history: Wildly varied…. American Bar Association, Edelman Public Relations, Chicago Bike Messenger, Professional Bike Racer, Cycling Coach, CDL Bus Driver, to name a few.  Currently working as a Service Coordinator for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Infant Toddler Program

Earliest horse memory: Maybe 2 years old? Looking out the window driving on the Hwy and pointing at horses in the field and wanting to ride them

Hobbies other than riding: Road Cycling

Heroes and inspirations; Lucinda Green,  My husband. 

Anything folks would be surprised to learn about you: My horse friends are surprised that I used to ride bikes.  My bike friends are surprised that I ride horses J

Where do you hope to be in 10 years; I hope to be living in my current home, but being able to afford some travel. 


Christel Carlson

Where were you born and raised;

San Marcos Texas at the Air Force base . Father in Air Force. Grew up in Texas, Mississippi,

California, Japan, Florida, Kansas,

Educational background; numerous schools till high school graduated choctawhatchee high

school in ft walton Bch fl , attended okaloosa walton jr college, then univ of Florida

gainesville for degree in basic biological and medical sciences, medical school, and residency

in anesthesia. Spent time in Houston Texas at Texas heart for cardiovascular anesthesia

fellowship and at Shands hospital in Gainesville for neurosurgical anesthesia fellowship

Brief employment history: Shands hospital univ of Florida faculty, then 9 months at alachua

general hospital in Gainesville Florida . Moved to spokane and joined anesthesia group

working at sacred heart hospital 85-2012. Now work for providence medical group since 2012

Earliest horse memory: riding my great uncles pony who liked to run off, put his head down

fast so he could pull you off his back (no saddle of course) learning to saddle a horse in

Amarillo Texas —the cowboys gave me a pancake saddle (English) since I couldn't lift a

western saddle up on the horses back about first grade . Riding at Fuchinobe riding school in

Japan to ride cross country, stadium and dressage (junior high) riding at wimberely riding

school in niceville florida thru high school. Riding at the horse teaching unit at the univ of

Florida college of agriculture . Buying my first horse as I was finishing medical school in

1981-‘Brick’ did jumpers, then Evented, then made it to Grand Prix in dressage and gave my

daughter her first trail rides and lunge lessons.

Hobbies other than riding: hiking, running, photography, writing, family trips and travel,

supporting my daughter's activities , reading when I can stay awake long enough too, learning

new things and subjects (the constant annoyance of my family) visiting battlefields ,

gardening, newest—welding

Heroes and inspirations; the person facing a devastating diagnosis who continues to inspire

others and live a life filled with gratitude and wonder. My mother and my father. Mrs

almond my high school math club advisor and calculus teacher. Mr moriwaki my Jr high

science teacher members of the generation that fought in WWII and came back home,”I just

did what I had to”, no praise expected or needed or received Women who led in traditional

male fields

Anything folks would be surprised to learn about you: that I am trained in acupuncure and

love helping people with eastern as well as western trained medicine that I have two

younger sisters and three sisters that died shortly after birth.

That I am a soft heart and always have a menagerie of rescued animals. That I have a pet

chicken, henny penny, who knocks on the kitchen door to come in for dry cat food and joins

my two dogs and two cats for breakfast some days

Where do you hope to be in 10 years the green side of the grass , visiting with my daughter

maybe even a grandkid to play with , riding and traveling

Christel carlson