2018 Leaderboard Results

Points Calculated through Dec 1st, 2018.
Points Calculation Table (links to a pdf file).

Beg. Novice Junior (2000)

Horse Owner Rider
1st Jess Because Harper Padgett  Harper Padgett 
2nd Foxwood Belle Makayla Watterson  Makayla Watterson 
3rd Idle Hour Cathy Rasch  Katherine Hinds 
4th Disco Inferno Sylvia Bran  Sylvia Bran 
5th Sorrento Rachel Russell  Rachel Russell 

Beg. Novice Senior

Horse Owner Rider
1st Clooney 14 Annika Asling  Karen L. O'Neal 
2nd Filaz Sarah Matuszewski  Sarah Matuszewski 
3rd Perla Donna Sullivan  Donna Sullivan 
4th Garbo STF Sarah Lorenz  Sarah Lorenz 
5th Donnerwein Sabine Prince  Sabine Prince 

Novice Junior (2000)

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Little Sure Shot Harper Padgett  Dane Padgett 
2nd Denver's Abigail Frances O'Reilly  Julia Papa 
3rd Seamless Dawn Dofelmier  Madison Boesch 
4th  Out of the Blue Krisalyn Brown  Krisalyn Brown 
5th Bro A Bryn Gellan Goch Jadyn Silver  Jadyn Silver 

Novice Senior

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Apollo Tracy Stein  Tracy Stein 
2nd Wintermond BCH Chris Cole   Chris Cole  
3rd Scout Samantha Hollow-Bist  Samantha Hollow-Bist 
4th Cassian TH Louise LaRue  Michele M. Pestl 
5th Master Miller Christy Wich  Jackie Wich  (14pts) 5th with 30starters
Killswitch Lindsey Scharmach  Lindsey N. Scharmach  (14 pts) 6th with 29starters

Training Junior (2000)

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Hungarian Villian Brenda Henry  Makenna Henry 
2nd He's Got Moxie Bailey Carpenter  Ella Carpenter 
3rd Revolutionist Mia Morehart  Mia Morehart 
4th  Rubel Eva Jacroux  Eva Jacroux  (16.5 pts) 4th with 1 win
5th The Diceman J.J. Yenne  J.J. Yenne  (16.5 pts) 5th

Training Senior

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Normandy's Kivalo Kelly Langerak  Kelly Langerak 
2nd Stewart Karen Lounsbery  Karen Lounsbery 
3rd Danciana Brenda Henry  Karen L. O'Neal 
4th  Indio BMW Laura Clark   Erin D. Grandia  (22.5 pts) 4th with 2 wins
5th Symphony Anna Stein  Anna Stein  (22.5 pts) 5th with 1 win

Young Rider Prelim (1997)

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Tucker Too Anni Grandia  Lilly Linder 
2nd Fritz Patrick Olivia Miller  Olivia Miller  (18 pts) 3 top 5 VII places
3rd Clementine Madelyn Floyd  Madelyn Floyd  (18 pts) 2 top 5 VII places
4th Faramir Kayla Dumler  Kayla Dumler 
5th  Kedrah House Lux Cadence Michel  Cadence Michel 

Open Prelim

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Staccato Janine Jaro  JORDAN LINSTEDT 
2nd Just A Dream Kristi Walker  KRISTI WALKER 
3rd Severe Flying Momi Henne  MOMI HENNE 
4th  Peter Parker  Kiran D'Souza  JORDAN LINSTEDT 
5th Minnie Cassie Weber  Cassie Weber  (20 pts) 3 top 5 VII places
Sir William Kelsey Horn  Kelsey Horn  (20 pts) 1 top 5 VII place

Open Intermediate

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Argentine Gaucho Amy Evans  Amy Evans 
2nd LC O'Shawnisee Andrea Nielsen  Andrea Nielsen 
3rd Sketchy Past Stephanie Cooper  Stephanie Cooper 
4th Zaboomafoo Anna Stein  Anna Stein 
5th Fool Me Once Cindy Marvin  Cindy Marvin  (22.5 pts) 5th -Most Wins
Huw Munges Patience O'Neal  Patience O'Neal  (22.5 Pts) 6th

Open Advanced

Horse   Owner Rider
1st Revitavet Capato * Barbara and Gary Linstedt  JORDAN LINSTEDT 
2nd Oktoberfest Natascha Eickert  NATASCHA D. EICKERT 
3rd Mowgli * Maya Black  MAYA BLACK 
*Out of Area Advance points (Not Applied to Area Horse and Rider Awards)