Celebration of Life Aimee Witherspoon

2 pm Oct 21, 2017 Ridgefield Community Center, 210 N Main Ave, Ridgefield WA 98642                         In honor of our mother, Aimee Snyder Witherspoon, we would like to invite you to a Celebration of Life, Saturday, October 21st, at 2:00 pm at the Ridgefield Community Center.  As many of you may know, sitting around and sharing stories with friends and family was one of her favorite things to do. So that's what we plan to do - share some stories, cry a little, and laugh a lot!  Attendance: All are welcome to attend this event.  Food/Drinks: Will be provided. Attire: Casual Attire.  Special Memories for Grandchildren: If you are interested, we will be collecting personal letters or notes about our mother. These memories will be saved in a box for many years and shared with her grandchildren in the future. There will also be letter writing supplies at the service on Saturday, so you can you write your memories about her.  Donation: We will be setting up a memorial fund for donations. We will provide you details on this prior to the service.  Contact Information: Email: celebrationlifeaimee@gmail.com Mailing Address: 18400 NW 28th Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642 | Aimee Witherspoon/CO Jessica Lee  Family Contacts: Erica Witherspoon (Daughter) 206-794-8755 Jessica Lee (Daughter) 360-601-7172  Dear Friends and Family of Aimee,  We are so sad to inform you that our mother, Aimee Witherspoon, passed away yesterday. She was doing what she loved, riding her horse, last Thursday and suffered head trauma after falling from her horse. The neighbor witnessed the seemingly ordinary fall and, despite the fact she was wearing a helmet, she sustained an unrecoverable injury. She never suffered and passed peacefully surrounded by her loved ones.  Thank you to everyone who loved and supported her all of these years. She was a healer, helper, mother, grandmother, dog lover, horse lover, and an amazing rider. She will always be loved and we will all deeply miss her.  -Her children: Erica, Jessica, Billy, and Daniel