Arrowhead H.T. June 6-7 – Entry Status

Competitors’ party Saturday night under the tent at 6:30 p.m. with local beer, barbecue, and music from Billings’s own Peach Pickers band.  One ticket per entry; additional tickets $15 each.  All proceeds benefit Warfield Equestrian Park

FYI-due to recent wet conditions, they’ve extended the course close date to May 26th.

Equestrian Institute H.T. – Final Results

Area VII Continues to Develop

Area VII continues to develop and this year we have several new milestones with 2 more events and two more CICs.  

 In order of go, Area VII has a new-to-the Area event at Arrowhead in Billings, Montana June 6-7th. It’s a bit of a trek for many of us, but their venue looks great.

 Aspen Farms HT has added a CIC2* and CIC1* to its Spring event.  Those of you who have ridden or watch these exciting levels know that there is an incredible amount of work that goes along with it.  Aspen Farms is gearing up for it and is asking for volunteers to join in the experience.  Please stay tuned and sign up when Aspen opens up its volunteer sign-up list.  Aspen uses an on-line volunteer sign-up system which makes it wonderfully easy to pick your job and the times you would like to help.  Sign up and add to your collection of Aspen Farms Volunteer T-shirts.  

Eventing is returning to Spokane big time with an Oct 3-4th with Spokane Sport Horse Farm’s first USEA Recognized Horse Trial.  The organizer Crystel Carlson is no stranger to Area VII eventing, she just took a break to develop her farm as Spokane’s premier venue for dressage.  SSHF has organized unrecognized horsetrials and has become a regular schooling and clinic site for the Dryside.  It is also a great layover on the way to RF.  The Oct event will hold Training, Novice, Beginning Novice and have a Starter Division as well.  Please put SSHF HT on your competition calendar for your last Area VII outing of the year.

Good Luck to everyone, especially those riding at our kick-off event, Equestrian’s Institute HT at the Washington Horse Park. 


John Meriwether

Area VII Chair

Equestrian Institute H.T. May 15-17 – Ride Times

In Memoriam: Carrie Carstairs

It is with great sadness that I share this post by Jen Verhaeren regarding her sister, Carrie Carstairs.


“Thank you to everyone who has sent us prayers, thoughts and special memories of Carrie these last couple of days. Every single message has landed. She will continue to be missed for as long as we are here to do the missing… Carrie was a rider with rare talent, a hard-core football fan, a lifelong animal lover and, most recently, a tiger whisperer. She had a quick wit and zest for life that never faded, even when she was at her lowest points. Over the last several years, Carrie had found the only thing that could fill the hole that horses had left in her life. She worked at a zoological sanctuary in Arizona that rescues and rehabilitates wild animals. Though she had a special affinity for the big cats, she loved passionately all the amimals she took care of. Foxes, exotic birds, snakes, tigers, bears, wolves, dingos, ducks… I couldn’t even begin to name them all. Her most special bond was with the lynx’. I will never forget entering the Lynx’ cage with her, heart racing as these oversized grey kitties greeted her as one of their own- rubbing up against her and winding their bodies around hers. Carrie introduced me to bears, had me laughing histerically with lemurs, and let me snuggle with a boa constrictor. All in a day’s work for her. Though Carrie had her share of really rough times over these last few years, her most recent months were happy. I want to share these last three texts I received from her this week. The last one came on Thursday night: “I received the book! Thank you. My Muscovy Duck “Marmaduck” and I have reached an impasse! He is too much of a Ham- he is great with me until people laugh and clap and then I become irrelevant, so instead of the keeper taking her well behaved Duck around it quickly becomes keeper following her duck around from person to person. I am quite sure this not ideal training procedure. Although everyone has a great time! (Me too I have to admit wink emoticon” “It’s not being announced for a little while but my beloved Lynx had three kittens!!! It is almost unheard of for Lynx to breed in captivity, only 5 facilities in the US have ever done it!! Still in a very precarious period of time as only 15% survive to be weaned. Still pretty amazing. I will try to get a photo tomorrow.” “I’m doing well. The kittens are tiny balls of fur- I can’t believe they are going to become Lynx. Their eyes are still closed but Foxy is being a GREAT mom so far, especially for her first time. The Male Lynx is so sad it is pathetic. We moved him away from her and the Cubs because he would most likely kill them-it was amazing he didn’t kill them the first night. I’m trying to spend extra time with him, the other day I sat down on a log and he laid down with his head it my lap and fell asleep- he will always be my favorite!” If you are reading this and you are one of the people who lost Carrie years ago and one day hoped to get her back… please know that she loved you though the demons she has fought so hard did not let her show it. She was fighting her way back to you. If you know someone that loved Carrie, please share this as I do not know a lot of her friends. There will be no public services. Many of you have asked what you can do or if you can help my family in some way. The Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates animals of all kinds that have nowhere else to go. There are very few facilities equipped to handle wild animals like they are. They operate on a tight budget with many animals to care for and rely on volunteers and private donations. If you would like to do something to honor Carrie, please make a donation to the sanctuary in her name. You can donate directly from the home page of their website. It is the one thing that would mean the most to me and, I believe, to her.

Carrie has taught me over and over that…

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” – Henry David Thoreau

Jen Verharen

Area VII Survey

Please take 10 mins to fill out this survey on eventing in Area VII. Thanks

Even if you are not, especially if you are not a USEA member, but are interested in joining in the fun, we want to hear from you.

Equestrian Institute Horse Trials May 15-17 – Entry Status

ERA Response Statement to FEI 2015 Sports Forum – Eventing Future Document

Fantastic Rolex Stadium Rounds

Congratulations to our Area VII riders who completed Rolex!

No. Horse Rider Score Overall Placing
51 DOESN’T PLAY FAIR Maya Black 84.3 22
61 COAL CREEK Elizabeth Snow 96.3 27
54 GLEAMING ROAD Anna Collier 108.4 32
59 REVITAVET CAPATO Jordan Linstedt 136.3 35

Inspection Passed – Stadium next up!

Anna, Jordan, Lizzie and Maya all passed the second horse inspection for Rolex.  Good luck to all of them in stadium!

Standings before stadium:

No. Horse Rider Score Placing
51 DOESN’T PLAY FAIR Maya Black 76.3 23
61 COAL CREEK Elizabeth Snow 84.3 29
54 GLEAMING ROAD Anna Collier 92.4 31
59 REVITAVET CAPATO Jordan Linstedt 117.3 37

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