The 2019 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships will be held at The Event at Rebecca Farms in Kalispell, MT on July 23-28, 2019.

The FEI North American Junior Young Rider Championships (NAYC) is the premier equestrian competition in North America for junior and young riders, ages 14-21. Young equestrians vie for team and individual FEI medals in the three Olympic equestrian disciplines of dressage, show jumping, eventing, and the Para-Olympic discipline of para-dressage. The competition is run under FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale), the international governing body of equestrian sport, and is the only FEI championship held annually on this continent. 

The qualifying period for the 2019 FEI North American Junior and Young Rider Championships January 1, 2018 through June 23, 2019.


2019 NAYC CCI-J Qualification Requirements:


1)4 preliminary MERs
a) doesn't have to be as a pair.
b)1 can have 20 xc penalties

2)1 MER at CCI2*-S or CCI2*-L completed as a pair.

3) Completed between: January 1, 2018 - June 23, 2019.

Minimum Eligibility Requirement (MER)

  • Not more than 45 penalties in dressage

  • A clear round xc at obstacles (1st activation of a frangible device (11 points) will still allow an MER)

  • Not more than 75 seconds exceeding optimum time XC

  • Not more than 16 jump penalties in show jumping

CCI-J Qualifying shows January - June 23, 2019

Listed geographically

Area VII
June 14 - Aspen Farms H.T. CCI2*S

Area VI
Mar 29 - Galway Downs International H.T. CCI2*S
Apr 11 - Twin Rivers CCI,CIC & H.T. CCI2*L

Area V
May 10 - Texas Rose Horse Park Summer H.T. CCI2*L

Area IV
June 20 Fox River Valley Pony Club H.T. CCI2*S, CCI2*L

Area II
Mar 20 - Carolina International CIC and H.T. CCI2*S
Apr 3 - The Fork CIC3*/CIC2*/CIC1* & HT CCI2*S
Apr 19 - Fair Hill International H.T. CCI2*S
May 23 - Virginia CCI/CIC & H.T. CCI2*L

Area III
Mar 7 - Red Hills International H.T. CCI2*S
Apr 6 - Chattahoochee Hills H.T. CCI2*S
Apr 10 - Ocala International 3-Day Festival of Eventing Presented by Ocala Ranches CCI2*L

Selection Criteria

The USEA Area VII NAYC Selection Committee shall name the 2019 Teams based on the procedures and criteria set forth in the United States Eventing Federation’s (“USEF”) Selection Procedure for the North American Junior Championships (Eventing) and the Selection Procedure for the CICOY Nations Cup (Eventing) which include the following:

  • The overall performance and soundness of the athlete/horse combination in various Horse Trials and/or CCIs and/or CICs held within the Qualifying Period. Priority will be given to those designated as “Mandatory Selection Trials”, with emphasis on dressage scores; current fitness; cross country and stadium jumping performance; jumping without faults and/or incurring time penalties, boldness, ride ability, and speed.

  • The demonstrated ability of the athlete/horse combination to succeed in Eventing Competitions, having considered all the factors mentioned above.

  • Willingness of the athlete to work within the confines of the accreditation allocation.

  • 2019 USEF NAYC Selection Procedures

  • 2019 USEF CCIOY Selection Procedures

Area VII Requirements to Earn Eligibility to NAYC

Applicants are required to be active members, in good standing, of the 2019 Area VII Young Rider program and actively participate in Area VII Young Rider program individual and group fundraising initiatives.

  • Applicants must meet the age requirements - Age is determined from January 1st of year of birth.
    NAYC: Rider must be between the ages of 14 and 18 years.
    CICOY: Rider must be between the ages of 16 and 21 years.

  • Applicants must complete their fundraising - ALL candidates and grooms are required to participate in fundraising activities and raise the required amount of sponsorship money

  • Applicants must volunteer - Volunteer hours must include hours at the Annual Area VII Young Riders Benefit Horse Trials and need to be documented.

  • FEI qualifications - meet the requirements for your level

  • Paperwork - Complete and submit all paperwork on time

  • Attend selection clinics and/or the YRAP Summer Camp to be observed by our Selection Team

2019 Documents

Rider must be a USEA Area VII member, a USEA member, a USEF member, and have their FEI registration.
Horse must be USEF recorded and fully registered with USEA, have an FEI passport and up to date on FEI/USEF vaccinations

Represent Area VII as a Groom 

Have the opportunity to attend and experience one of the best events in the country! Work with CCI**** event riders and learn what it takes to be involved in top level American Eventing.  2019 Area VII NAYC Grooms will be assigned a horse/rider combination. Grooms help care for the horse throughout the competition including stall cleaning, tack cleaning and help keep the rider organized and punctual. This is an excellent opportunity to be a part of a team environment alongside America's most talented junior and young riders.

Groom applicants are also required to fundraise to be eligible for consideration. Groom applicants are required to be an up-to-date 2019 member of the Area IV Young Rider program.

Area VII NAYC 2018 CCI* Team



Area YR Coach - John Camlin

John has been riding horses for over thirty-one years, with twenty-two of those years at the international level. He has competed at events such as Punchestown (Ireland) and Boekelo (Holland), and as a youth, has competed at the McClay Medal at Madison Square Garden. John has been long-listed and short-listed for the United States Equestrian Team and has trained with Jimmy Wofford, Jack LeGoff, Derek DiGrazia, Frank Chapot, Jimmy Williams and Barbara Worth.   John is a strong supporter of the Area VII Young Rider Program and has been a selector for several of the past years.  He is based out of Caber Farms, his own farm in Onalaska, WA. 


Team Selector - Sarah Lorenz

Sarah Lorenz has been specializing in starting young horses for almost 20 years in eventing and runs her business Stone’s Throw Farm in Eugene, Oregon. She also breeds Holsteiner/TB crosses purpose bred for eventing. Sarah has ridden through the Advanced level, a graduate “A” Pony Club rating, and a Level II ICP certified instructor.  Native to Area II, Sarah competed as a Young Rider winning the CCI* long format Fritz Cup and team silver medal winner of the CCI** long format NAJYRC.  She is currently an Area VII Young Rider team selector and working towards the new ICP Young Horse Rider/ Trainer certification.


Team Selector - Jordán Lindstedt

Jordán Linstedt is an international top-level CCI4* equestrian three-day rider. Jordán grew up in Redmond, WA and has always had a love for horses. She was riding by the age of two and started competing at the age of 14. Jordán receives coaching from many top trainers, such as David O’Connor, Robert Costello, Leslie Law, and Tamie Smith.  Jordán made her Rolex 4* debut in 2012 with Tullibards Hawkwind. In 2013 Jordán was selected for the United States Equestrian Federation developing riders/eventing 25 and under program where she trained under David O’Connor. Jordán then returned to Rolex with RevitaVet Capato in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  Jordan was one of 18 Eventers in the country selected to the prestigious US High Performance Training Team in November of 2017. She is aiming to compete her RevitaVet Capato in Europe in 2018.  Ultimately, Jordán aspires to one day represent the United States at the Olympic Games. 


Team Selector - Anna Collier

Anna Collier been riding and competing for over 25 years. Her training consists of riding through CCI**** Three Day Eventing, and Show Jumping and Hunters with finishes at Rolex in 2003 and 2004 full format as well as 2015 short format finish.  Anna has been a short list alternate for the Olympics and an alternate for the Pan Am Games.  Anna’s name is often heard as Area Rider of the Year for Area VII annual awards.  In addition to her own personal achievement, Anna has produced more than 5 horses to the Advanced level as well as coached riders from BN to Advanced.

Competing as a Young Rider in Area VII for 4 consecutive years as well as receiving the Fritz Cup, Anna is an experienced eye as she comes on board as a selector for the Area. 

Anna is based out of Vossenberg Farm Event Facility and has managed and co –owned for past 10 years plus.


Out of Area Team Selector - Debbie Rosen

Deborah Rosen has coached and competed to the Four-star level of eventing, including the prestigious Fairhill and Rolex competitions. A breast cancer survivor, Rosen (aboard The Alchemyst) completed the 2010 Rolex Kentucky Four-Star Three Day Event just seven weeks after completing chemotherapy. Later that year, the USEA honored her with the Iron Master Award.

Over the years, she and her students have claimed national and international awards from Beginner Novice through FEI. Accomplishments include medals at NAYRC, USEA/Adequan Gold Cup Series Championships and numerous national championships.