Congratulations to our new Area VII Young Rider Coordinator, Barb Jensen!

My goals for the program are to really keep the enthusiasm going that has built up over the last few years. I want there to be something for every level of rider. This is a development program from Beginner Novice to NAYC with a lot of fun and education intertwined.

It is exciting that we have some top notch trainers and coaches in Area VII who devote their time and are committed to developing our YRs into being the best riders in the country.

I hope to encourage all parents and young riders to give back to the program by jumping in and helping just as I did. No role is too small and any volunteer time is valuable. Please reach out to me with ideas or help at any time. Thank you for your support.

Area VII / IV NAYC 1* Team wins Silver!!
Congratulations Callia & Xyder, Isabella & Calicool, and Harper & Rubia!


The Young Rider program is offered through the USEA for riders twenty-one years of age and younger in all levels of riding. The purpose of the program is to encourage our younger members to become involved in the sport of Eventing and continue this involvement into their adult lives.

The Young Rider program is divided into two parts: 

  • YRAP - Young Rider Advancement Program and

  • NAYC - North American Junior Young Rider Championships

Each functions in cooperation with the other and operate under the facilitation of the Area Young Rider Coordinator.

Our organization seeks to promote a love of the sport of eventing, as well as an appreciation and understanding of the horse while fostering the wonderful relationship that can develop between horse and rider. Involvement in this program helps to instill important moral values, such as responsibility and work ethic, as young riders grow into mature adults.

2018 Young Rider Low Score Winners

Caber Horse Trials YR Low Score Winners!
Intermediate: Harper Click 
Preliminary: Olivia Miller 
Training: Alina Patterson 
Novice: Dane Padgett
Beginner Novice: Teagan Weise

Aspen Farms YR Low Score Winners!
Preliminary: Lilly Linder 
Training: Madison Langerak 
Novice: Dane Padgett
Beginner Novice: Rachel Russell

EI YR Low Score Winners!
Preliminary: Jenna Lounsbery
Training: Abigail Coy
Novice: Hailey Blackburn
Beginner Novice: Madelyn Myers

Inavale YR Low Score Winners!
Preliminary: Callia Drewien Englund and Carter 
Training: Reese Blinks and Calamari
Novice: Annabelle Swain and Brindy Got Back
Beginner Novice: Rachel Russell and Sorrento


Congratulations to the following individuals for fulfilling the requirements to the Area VII YR Program for 2017 (and submitting the required participation award log sheet). Each of these individuals received a beautifully embroidered 2017 Area VII YR saddle pad.

Sophie Click
Harper Click
Makenna Henry
Kristin Holderman
Kayla Dumler
Cadence Michel
Isabella Montana
Reese Blinks
Alina Patterson
Mikayden Weise
Eleanor Cannon
Laura McNamara
Chantal Vachon

Emmie Everett
Olivia Remcho
Kiera Carter
Audrey Sanborn
Madison Langerak
Callia Englund
Ashley Widmer
Shruti Bono
Elena Carrion
David Carrion
Laura Carrion
Virginia Carrion