Cynthia Bayles

Every month I would like to highlight one or more of our members. To kick it off I would like to copy an email I got from member Cynthia Bayles. Cynthia is very active in both the Adult Rider program as well as Eventing in general. Truly great volunteer.

Subject: Joanna Herrigstad Adult Rider Scholarship
I understand this scholarship is in the form of a random “drawing” – however, given the person for whom this scholarship is named (and I have to uphold my reputation as an over-achiever LOL), I’m also submitting this “expanded” application.
Joanna Herrigstad has been a wonderful contributor to our sport for many years before I even started Eventing and to this day, every time I see her (at this point usually as the starter on cross-country) she makes me smile and is a positive influence on everyone around her. When she was a dressage judge it was always a good experience to ride under her because no matter how good or bad the ride, Joanna always provided positive and constructive criticism. I could go on and on about how much Joanna has contributed to Area VII and what a positive impact she has had on so many of us. Joanna has been a tireless official and volunteer over the years and will always be someone I respect and admire.
I’m a very active volunteer within USEA Area VII and help with organizing clinics, competitions and other events. My volunteer activity has included: Area VII Treasurer; Annual Meeting Auction co-coordinator for two years with Barb Barke (we hold the record for highest proceeds); co-organizer of the AR Spring Fling and Ride and Review; 2016 Area Championships Sponsorship Coordinator; jump judge; ring steward and behind the scenes assistant and gopher for countless activities from setting courses and dressage rings to mowing the grass.
I’ve competed successfully through Intermediate Level (on one horse) and through Preliminary on three others – all of which I’ve trained/ridden/competed myself. Currently I’m bringing along my newest addition to the herd and hope to have her ready to bring out at some point this year.
Over the years I’ve been fortunate to win many awards with my horses, but the real satisfaction I get is from my hands-on involvement with my horses and the trust and partnerships we’ve developed because I’m the one who rides, trains and takes care of them. I am fortunate to be able to keep my horses at home and have a supportive husband who even helps feed and clean stalls (sometimes!).
Obtaining good professional assistance and instruction is necessary but I pride myself on being the owner/trainer/rider. I haul out to lessons on a consistent basis to various instructors who specialize in the different disciplines in which I compete. As an Eventer, that keeps me busy – and it’s also expensive!