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2014 Adult Rider -Spring Fling at Aspen Time Table

2014 Adult Rider -Spring Fling at Aspen
Time Table
  Derby Dressage Derby Jump Ride/Review Dressage Ride/Review Jump
Intro -BN 8-9 am 9:30-10am 8-8:40am 9-9:30am
Beg. Nov 9-12am 12-1:15pm 9-11:30am 10am-12pm
Novice 1pm-3:20 2:45-4:30pm 12:40-2pm 2-2:30pm
Training 4:30 – 5:40 5:30 – 6pm 2:10-3:10pm 5-5:30pm
Prelim 4:30-5pm 6:45-7pm 3:30-4:10pm 6:30-6:45pm

Ride Times will be posted shortly 

April 2014 Area VII News

The Young Rider Program would like to thank our previous coach Jessica Heidemann for all her hard work and dedication that she has put in the last few years. We would now like to welcome our new head coach Dayna Lynd-Pugh, and our assistant coach Brooke Phillips.

Coach Dayna has been competing, training, and coaching at the top levels of Eventing for more than 30 years, which include being a level 4 ICP certified instructor. She is one of the proud owners of Flying Tails Farms located in Gilroy, California. Coach Dayna is great at bringing out the best in students no matter what level of rider they are and by making riding fun and enjoyable.

Assistant Coach Brooke has over 18 years of experience in the sport and is one of the proud owners of Willamette Sport Horses in Corvallis, Oregon. She is one of the youngest trainers to pass and receive the USEA ICP level 3 certification. Coach Brooke is full of enthusiastic inspiration and loves working with kids. She is committed to all of her students and will give a huge boost to our Beginning Novice, Novice and Training Young Riders who have aspirations in the future to qualify in Area VII for NAJYRC in Lexington, Kentucky.

Don’t forget about our Young Rider Rep Kristen Holderman too. If you have any questions, ideas, or would like to get to know her feel free to contact her. She always wants to know what the other young riders are thinking! You can contact her through Facebook or at her email .

Please sign up for the Young Rider Team Competition too and make sure to get entries in by April 25th. There is no cost to join and lots of great prizes to win! Your team will get points in various ways, this includes doing well at horse shows, volunteering, and showing your team spirit!

May camp registration is now out. Join us for this amazing opportunity to learn lots and to meet and get to know other fellow young rider members and your coaches. Camp will be instructed by top riders in dressage, cross country, and jumping of all levels of Beginner Novice and up. Camp will start after 4 p.m. Friday, May 2, through Sunday, May 4. Camp is offered to all young rider members at a certain cost. If you are not a Young Rider member it is not too late to sign up!

Buy an Area VII Young Rider t-shirt to support the foundation! All funds will go directly to the program to help keep activity cost down. These funds will help us keep camps and clinics affordable for all member of the group. These funds will also help us improve our annual Young Rider Horse Trails in August. T-shirts are for sale at $15 and can be bought at


Adult Rider Report

Firsts at the First Event of the Year

This year we have a new first event of the season.  For those of us who don’ t travel south in April to compete in Area VI, the return of eventing to Area VII each season is something to celebrate like spotting  the first crocus,  the first robin, the return of the  swallows to Capistrano.  Or perhaps for this group, it’s like the arrival of the first Nouveau Beaujolais.  EI is returning to hosting recognized events and will be the first to organize an event using the upgraded courses at the Wa State Horse Park.  EI has been a major factor in Area VII Eventing, having held events in at least 4 places I‘ve ridden.   Their participation at a facility opens doors for other organizations by planting the seeds to great courses at each one of them.  Let’s hope the same thing happens at the Horse Park and another group will follow the EI lead and bring another recognized event to the Horse Park.

To help this first celebrate, please make your nominations for significant “Firsts” by AR members to me or our AR Co-Coordinator Maggie Rikard.  We would like to recognize hallmark events like your First Clear Cross Country Round, First Sub-20 Dressage Score, or First Completion on your dressage score.  My favorite is First Successful Completion, but let’s not forget  Move-Up to First Intermediate aka the Twisted Knickers Award.  Maggie is holding that one for the next time we can award it, though perhaps we will spring for a new pair.  Join us at the LBT at EIHT.

Wa State Horse Park Cross Country Update   “We’re Jumping on it”  No matter what level you gallop around  at EIHT, at Camp, or the many other schooling opportunities this year, you will benefit from the recent purchase from NWEC of many jumps for all levels .  That allowed the Horse Park to use other funds budgeted for cross country improvements to speed up clearing the derby field which creates a lot more options there.  The next part of the cross country development campaign, completing the Prelim Course, is well underway.  The “ We’re Jumping On It” fund raiser got a big boost on March 22 with an evening at the Wilde Rover in Kirkland organized by Caroline Bombar-Kaplan, Melissa O’Brien, Sarah Petrie and Heather Sumner.  It was attended by many of our group and raised another $14,000.  Over a third of the estimated $65,000 needed to complete the Prelim course has now been raised.

ARTS   The first event of the season will also be the start of the AR Team Series Sponsored by Meriwether Saddlery.  You can enter up to the week before EIHT.  After that you may post enter until Aspen Farms HT.  We still have lots of room for you.  Whether or not your own season is setting records and bringing home the loot, the ARTS is a lot of fun.  End of year prizes last year went to 4 of the 8 teams participating last year.   Thank you, Louise Reulbach, for volunteering to score the ARTS again.

AR Camp We are looking forward to another successful AR Camp May 28-June 1.  The AR mailbox has been jammed all spring with Spring Fling Entries and Camp entries.  Spring Fling kept us busy (a big shout out to  Lou Leslie and all the other volunteers who made it a success! ) and now its time to turn our efforts to Camp.  ARs have been enthusiastic in their support of all our programs this Spring, filling Peter Gray Clinic, the Leslie Law Clinic and Spring Fling. Camp appears on track to filling up just with Adult Rider members adding another reason to become a member and getting first crack at what the program has to offer.  Aimee Witherspoon, organizing from her winter hide-out in Ocalla, Florida with AR-favorite Scott Keach, is offering the Full Monty Camp package with three days of instruction with 4 different clinicians as well as a special camp package for friends and family who want to join us at camp dinners and cocktails but opt for trail riding rather than eventing instruction.


Area ATCs At Inavale

Starting a new annual offering, AR is sponsoring the Area Adult Team Challenge which will be held at Inavale HT.  Inavale will offer the ATC division in place of a Rider or Adult Amateur Division for BN through Training.  Preliminary ATCs will be part of the Open Preliminary Division.  Prizes  and Ribbons will be awarded for individuals and for teams.  You may form your own team or be placed on a team.  We will set up a Facebook sign up on the AR page as well as take e-mails.   You do not have to be an Adult Rider to compete in the Area ATCs, nor do you have to be an Amateur. You must be over 21 in 2014, however.  We are planning a social for ATC riders.  Inavale was selected because of its position in the Area Calendar before the closing date of the AECs, its commitment to hosting for several years, and most importantly, the quality of the cross country course which must be championship quality.

The significance of the Area ATC  is that it replaces the COTH ATCs with the possibility of every Area hosting their own ATC.  Succesfully completing  the Area ATC will also be one way to qualify for the national Adult Team Championships at the AECs in at the Texas Rose Horse Park, their version of the Wa State Horse Park.  Area VII will use a portion of the money we have been raising through our various fundraisers to send Area VII Adult Rider Teams to the AECs.  If you do not make it to Inavale, not to worry, you can also meet the area requirements by competing on two other teams at any Area VII event however your performance will be reviewed to make regarding your ability to successfully compete on a championship level course.  National requirements for the Adult Team Championships are AR membership,   3 clean cross country rides at level (with no Dangerous Riding Citations) on the horse you plan on riding within the past 24 months.  Non-Amateurs may not have ridden two levels higher in the past 2 years.

AR Picture of the Month  If you have a AR great picture and you would like it published, please send it to me with caption, photo credit and the permission of whomever is pictured.  We would love to share it.  We welcome bits for the AR report from or about any of our AR members.

Move to Portland

In April, my wife and I moved to Portland, selling our farm in Issaquah after 19 years.  It will be impossible to duplicate what we left in Issaquah, especially being within 2 hours of all but 3 of the Area VII events, but it is a new chapter in our lives and no one wants to repeat the past.  I look forward to finding the same local level of companionship and community down in Portland.  And offer my support to growing the sport in this part of Area VII.  We lived here back when Weylin Meyer organized so many wonderful events in Oregon and look forward to whatever opportunities come our way.  With the relocation also comes a new e-mail address.  Please use if you would like to reach me.

 AR Calendar

April 19th  Spring Fling derby and Ride&Review, Aspen Farm, Organizer John Meriwether

May 24th  AR Drawing, Sponsored by Meriwether Saddlery, At EIHT Sat LBT Social

May 27-June 1  AR Camp, WSHP, Organizer Aimee Witherspoon

June 27-29  Area VII Adult Team Challenge at Inavale HT, Meet and Greet Friday LBT

June 30 Nick Holmes-Smith Cross Country Clinic, Inavale Organizer Kelsey Horne and Kiki Smeltzer

John Meriwether


2014 – 2015 Area VII Young Rider Coach and Assistant Named

A huge thanks to the selection committee and the area council, in the search for a new YR coach here in Area VII. It was a tough group of applicants and I know the committee spent a lot of time in making their decision. Through the process it was decided to hire a head coach and an assistant coach to help. The committee choose:
Dayna Lynd-Pugh – Head Coach
Brooke Phillips – Assistant Coach
Thank you,
Dawnn Rebholz
Area VII Young Rider Coordinator

Karen O’Neal Sign Up Forms

2014 May Karen O’Neal Eventing Clinic Form

Release form2013


Karen O’Neal Clinics at Washington State Horse Park

The May clinics are perfectly timed to give you a fun schooling opportunity and build confidence just before the season really gets into swing! Come join us at the BEAUTIFUL Washington State Horse Park and see what amazing opportunity this place has given our Northwest eventing community! The WSHP has purchased many of the NWEC jumps, and so the courses will be greatly expanded this year! The May 10-11th clinic will be utilizing the derby field to school on Sunday. Saturday will be dedicated to perfecting form and gymnastics in the arena. The park offers nice, safe stabling, showers for humans and horses alike, miles and miles of trails for afternoon leisure, and its within walking distance (seriously) to Cle Elum for food and lodging.
Karen O’Neal, a USEA Level 3 instructor, is excited to be teaching 5 different clinic dates at the WSHP this year! Karen and her horse Markus, won the 2013 Rider and Horse of the Year for Area VII. But my favorite thing about Karen O’Neal is her teaching style that builds confidence in fun and challenging ways!
The later dates are May 26th (day after the E.I. Horse Trials at the park), July 19-20th, August 16-17, and September 13-14! All clinics are USEA Educational Activities, and they qualify for Area VII Adult Rider bucks and discounts! It’s cheap, close, and super fun. Additional activities will be organized off-horse for your education and social expansion. See you there.
Natalie Shaw, Organizer

There is Still Time to Sign Up for the Jimmy Wofford Clinic at Tulipsprings!

Jimmy Wofford returns to Tulipsprings April 12-13
Jimmy Wofford, USEA Hall of Famer and Master clinician, will be teaching at Tulipsprings in Kennewick, WA, April 12-13. Tulipsprings has been open with good cross country footing since February 15 so here is an early-season chance to get in some cross country schooling with a great teacher! All information and entries are at  Please email Carol Curry now to indicate your interest so she can hold you a spot.

Area VII Young Rider Update

1) Any members that are interested in participating in the NAJYRC Championships July 15-20, 2014 must turn in the letter of intent before April 1, 2014 to the YR coordinator for Area VII. You may email to receive a copy of the letter to read and sign.
For more information on NAJYRC please see link for more information:
2) Hey young riders be sure to purchase one of these new designed t-shirts for yourself, people who support you, people in our eventing community, or for anyone! Our goal is to sell a 100 of them. If we reach that goal we will have raised a little over a thousand dollars! Please share and get the word out about them! If we have enough people interested we can also do sweatshirts and/or long sleeve shirts too, just let me know!
(3)Hello Families:
You are invited to attend the always amazing Young Rider camp.  Please see the information below on camp and registration details.  Please be sure to complete the two release forms and include them with your registration.  Please also pay close attention to the attached camp rules.
Best Regards,
Stacy Emerson
YR SecretaryArea VII Young Riders Spring Camp
Aspen Farms
Yelm, WA
May 2, 3, & 4, 2014Join us this summer for a great Eventing Camp! This is a wonderful opportunity for new or recently joined members to get to know other Young Riders in Area VII as well the opportunity for all members to work with top instructors in dressage, jumping and cross country.  Camp is open to all riders from Beginning Novice level and up. Check in for Sat/Sun camp is on May 2 after 4:00 PM.  You will receive 2 lessons on, Saturay and Sunday, and 1 on Monday.  Meals will start Friday dinner, and run thru Sunday lunch. If you choose the Fri/Sat/Sun option check in will be May 2 at 8:00.

Our instruction this spring is great! Instructors for this year’s camp include Jean Moyer, Jessica Wisdom, John Camlin, and Colleen Rutledge.

Camp Registration Fee includes:

*  Meals for the riders from dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday..

*  Schooling fees for arena and XC use

*  Stabling for your horse(s)

*  Four lessons. Please make sure both you and your horse are fit.

There will be no community tent offered this year due to cost, weather, and member request. You may bring tents, campers, living quarter trailer or make arrangements at the local hotel. All riders sleeping off grounds will need to check out and back in at registration and must have a responsible chaperone with them. Onsite the camp will be providing adults to chaperone the riders. Parents may stay on grounds if desired. No couples shall be sharing sleep space during the camp.

Camp Fees:
The cost of camp is $300.00 for current Area VII Young Rider members, if payment is received by April 15, 2014.  Registrations sent in after the early bird deadline will need to pay 350.00. There is a $25 stall deposit check to be made out to Aspen Farms for stalls not cleaned when departing.  In addition to the above items the price of camp also covers USEA insurance and facility fees.
The Area VII YR camp is not a fundraiser. Our goal is to cover costs. At this time the YR program is in part covering some of the cost of camp to make it affordable for all to attend. If any overage occurs it will be used to subsidize other educational clinics and activities offered to our membership.

The fee for a second horse or day at camp is additional:

$50.00  For this additional amount you will have two lessons on each full day, one on each horse. This will give the camper a total of four lessons but the rider decides what horse will be ridden.

$150.00. For this amount the rider will bring two horses to camp and have three lessons each full day. The rider will receive a total of 6 lessons. Riders must be very fit to choose this option.

$75.00. This will give the camper an additional two lessons on Friday. Riders/horses must be very fit to choose this option.

What to Bring

For You:

For Your Horse:

Sleeping items

All feed



Changes of clothing


Sun block

Water buckets

Rain gear


Riding clothes – boots, gloves, etc.

Grooming supplies

Cross country vest
Medical Arm Band

For a more complete list refer to “The Starting Box” A Guide to Your First Event, on the USEA website or check in the Omnibus.


Barn appropriate foot wear

Shorts and t shirts


Complete Stall Card –

Stall cleaning items

To attend camp:  Send your check payable to Area VII Young Riders, stall deposit check for $25, together with the registration form, USEA Release Form, and USEA Medical Release Form.  Camp is available on a first come first serve basis to members in good standing with Area VII Young Riders and USEA.  Space is limited to available stabling. Please send in your registrations in early as camp fills every year.

Remember the early bird special – registrations received by April 15, 201 only pay 300.00.  After this date, the cost goes up to 350.00. All registrations must be done online.

Mail the following: Check for camp, Check for stall deposit, Medical Release, USEA Release to:

Julie Vachon
16133 NE 44 Ct
Redmond  WA,  98052

Please direct any questions to Julie at 425-250-8590 home or 425-445-6990 cell or email:

All riders must remain at camp during the day once it starts. Those eligible to drive cannot leave the property unless prior arrangements have been made for extenuating circumstances. We will have a check out process for those members sleeping offsite.

If you wish to be a camp volunteer and help with chaperoning and other camp activities please contact Julie.

Get Signed Up! Adult Rider Camp Entry

Hi Campers!

The time is upon us to get ready for camp. I have attached a pdf file that includes all the info for camp,entries and the releases. Just download and print and you should have everything you need. Once I have everyone’s email off the entries entered I will send out updates with more info on camp details as the date gets closer. Please only one rider per entry.

Camp Instructors: Sharon White, Brian Sabo, Melissa Beardsley, Lisa Boyer

Location: Washington State Horse Park

Dates: May 29th
to June 1st


Aimee Witherspoon

Camp 2014 Entry and releases


Donida Farm Event Derby Dates




Donida Farm is bringing back the “old- Days”……
Come join in the fun during our first time offered Event Derby’s

MAY 3 -All phases on All-Weather footing (sand/nike)                       JULY 19 – Jumping divisions on turf

Indoor and outdoor  warm-up available ~ 6 divisions offered.  Lincoln Log thru Preliminary ~ Additional dressage classes ~ Additional jumper classes


 One of the NW Premier Show facilities! 80 acres, two indoors, three+ outdoor all weather sand/Nike, race track

Fresh Cross Country jump schooling open in 2014.

Information on  ~ or ~ Donida Farm Facebook
Gwen Blake 360-507-9306 ~


Cross Country Fundraiser – March 22 for Washington State Horse Park

Aren’t we lucky to have a Horse Park?! We surely believe it! Aside from providing a wonderful time, our goal is to keep momentum going to complete the Preliminary cross country course this year. That will cost about $55,000 on top of what’s already been donated to the Park, so let’s kick on! Our own Nelson Mittuch will emcee, so the evening is sure to be entertaining and lively.  Buy your ticket before March 7th and be entered to win a $100 Costco gift card! Don’t delay, space is limited and you won’t want to miss the fun with your fellow eventing supporters. 

When: Saturday March 22nd, This private party and auction opens at 5:30pm
Where:  Wilde Rover, 111 Central Way Kirkland, WA
What: Food, drinks, a silent auction & lots of fun to support our Cross Country Courses
Cost: Tickets are $35 online and include one drink and an array of hot and cold appetizers
Hosts: Caroline Bombar-Kaplan, Heather Sumner, Melissa O’Brien, Sarah Petrie

Some of the Live auction features to be presented by a professional auctioneer! You’ll have a wide variety wonderful auction items to bid on:

  • an evening of wit and wisdom with Eric Smiley
  • a case of great wine
  • several great Seattle sports tickets/signed items
  • dinner catered for 10 at a horse trial
  • breeding to Irish Draught stallion, Gillan’s Clover (check out his website)

And here is a sampling of the silent auction items, with a price range for everyone. Auction tables close throughout the evening.

  • artwork
  • hand made jewelry
  • sports tickets and autographed items
  • apparel
  • restaurant vouchers
  • photo sessions
  • and much more!

Cash bar, checks, cash and credit cards accepted for auction purchases. Thank you and we’ll see you there!