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December 2014 Area VII News

Area VII Chair Report

After her 3 year in the saddle, Melissa Beardsley has turned over the reins to me. If you would like to get in touch with me, my e-mail address is   (Insert Photo)
Area Boundary Changes and Growth
Area VII finished 2014 in robust shape. At the National Convention your votes counted towards a redrawing of Area boundaries along state lines. As a result, we are now significantly bigger geographically, not that we weren’t already the biggest Area. Area VII gained the rest of Montana and Idaho.  Our new Area VII members from theses regions felt that they would be better served by joining us. You may already know some of those who have been coming to Area VII events for years.
The dry side of the Cascades allows a longer eventing season. We have two events joining our Calendar in a  continuing extension eastward along the I-9 corridor.  Arrowhead HT in Billings MT follows our season kick-off EI HT ( Cle Elum, WA).  Rebecca Farms 3D/HT  (Kalispell, MT) anchors eventing for the US west of the Mississippi and the brand new Spokane Sport Horse HT closes our season by taking the old NWEC fall date.  EI is considering a second recognized HT date and we  hope we can make increased use of their wonderful new home on the dry side.
Stanton Farms HT in  Deerie, Idaho is now much closer to the geographic center of Area VII. (No disrespect intended to Alaska.) We look forward to Stanton’s growth to anchor a circuit of various activities in the hinterlands that includes the southern body of Idaho, south central Washington and eastern Oregon with the increasingly active Eventing Enthusiasts of Central Oregon (EECO).
The National Convention at Ft. Worth
The National Convention was a good experience and I encourage everyone to attend one at some point.  Next year is Hall of Fame induction year and it will be held in Wa DC.  For those not attending committee meetings, there are plenty of educational sessions and a trade show.  I was able to go on a XC course walk jointly led by Tremaine Cooper, John Williams and James Atkinson at Greenwood Farm within an 45 mins of Downtown Ft. Worth.  Former USET Vet Dan Marks gave two interesting sessions comparing and contrasting successful elite Dressage, Show-Jumping and Evening horses, many of which he new personally.  Janice Linnan did one on mproving your dressage score which in itself was worth the price of entry.  The Awards Banquets on Sat. night is always a treat with Jimmie Wofford as the master of ceremonies.
Among the notables of Area VII, Desiree Bruce was there to receive the Ironmaster Trophy, donated on behalf of Neil Ayer and his mount Ironmaster.  Desiree is a two-time breast cancer survivor and is working to raise awareness and funds theory her campaign, “Jump for the Cure.” (Insert Photo)
Outside of the meetings and seminars, this was a great way to learn how other areas handle their challenges.  I got into some interesting discussions regarding fundraising and competition below the level of  recognized horse trials.  I encourage you to read 2014 FEH/YEH edition of Eventing USA (Nov/Dec).  The article on Stand-Alone FEH/YEH events may point a way to growing our sport and create new opportunities in the less well served parts of Area VII.
New Young Rider Coordinator
After many years away, Malcolm Hook is returning for a second term as YR Coordinator.  Although many things have changed in the program, he has significance skills and experience to further strengthen our Program.  He will be assisted by Diane Snow, the Co-Chair of the USEA YR Program.  Both bring to the table a wider view YR’s place in the development of our sport.  We would like all members of the YR Program and their parents to attend the Annual Meeting in Olympia, if at all possible.
Area Communication and the Flying Changes Magazine Subscription
Every year the increasing cost of  providing members a free subscription to Flying Changes is a topic for the Area Council. Last year the Area Council projected that the Area Admin fund would run a budget deficit in 2015. To support our core activities better, the Area Council voted  to discontinue the subscription.  There are many fans of the magazine and we will continue to provide content as in the past.
To keep our members informed of Area news, we will use our Area VII Website ( for more frequent communication.  If you are a visitor to the website you will notice that it has had a facelift in the past year. We are taking steps to make it a primary source of information.
FC would like us to continue to provide eventing content and we hope that you will take advantage of a special subscription offer.  FC is committed to covering eventing. The Area Reports will continue as before.  If you would like to get in print or have your photos published,  FC will be happy to hear from you.
Many of you quite like receiving FC for its coverage of equestrian activites  throughout the Northwest in addition to Area News. We hope you will consider your own  subscription.  For a limited time in the months of January & February, FC is offering a special subscription rate.  Contact the magazine directly to take advantage of the offer,
  • One year subscription total cost $25.00 ($2.08 per issue)
  • Two year subscription total cost $45.00 ($1.87 per issue)
  • Three year subscription total cost $55.00 ($1.53 per issue)
  • Four Year subscription total cost $60.00 ($1.25 per issue)
A normal Subscription costs $37.50 per year or $70 for two years.
I hope to see you at the Area Meeting and Awards Banquet Jan 10th at the Olympia Red Lion.  Hawley Bennet is our special guest and will participate in panel discussions as well as give a clinic on Jan 11th and 12th. at Aspen Farms.
John Meriwether
Photos: Desire Bruce receiving the Ironmaster Trophy at the USEA National Convention.  Photgrapher Anni Grandia
Nikki Ayers  and her aptly named Inspiration “Jumping For the Cure” at Aspen Farms HT
photographer John Meriwether
 Melissa Beardsley on Arcade Pony and John Meriwether sitting behind in the cart.  USEA National Convention, Ft Worth, Texas
Photographer: Claudia Morgan
Melissa turns over the reins to JM
Jump for the Cure
Desiree Bruce

Sign Up For The 2105 Area VII Meeting & Awards Dinner

The meeting and awards dinner takes place Saturday January 10, 2015 at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA.

Canadian Olympian and WEG Team Member, Hawley Bennett, is our featured speaker and clinician after the meeting at Aspen Farms. She will also be handing out the awards.

Champion and Reserve Rider of the Year & Champion and Reserve Horse of the Year will be announced after dinner. We have an exciting auction and an array of great speakers all lined up throughout the day!

2015 Annual Meeting Sign Up

In Memorium


Vische Mountain (“Denzil”) 1989-2014

Farewell to my old friend and first Advanced horse. After three colic surgeries over the past ten years, we knew we could not put him through another one, and last night he colicked for the last time. Many thanks to Dr. Tom Hansen, Nicki Grandia , and Jessica Lyman and the Traumhof team for their help keeping Denzil comfortable though a long, difficult evening (and for giving Gretchen and me a chance to say goodbye). Thanks also to Ash Griffiths , Denzil’s prior owner and rider in the U.K.—who recognized Denzil’s awesome talent and showed him off in the hunt field over five-foot hedges as a four year old—and to Melissa Beardsley, who found him for me at Ian Stark’s yard in Scotland, brought him to America on her own nickel, and helped us take our partnership to great heights. Melissa, Claudia Morgan , and the Blackwood team took extraordinary care of Denzil over the years, all through his competition career and into his old age. I am also very appreciative of the role played by everyone at Traumhof, all of whom worked hard to make Denzil’s adjustment to his new home a smooth one. You brought much happiness to his final year! And most of all, thanks to my “great grey,” a grand, gregarious soul who made lifelong friends everywhere he went, who was always generous and courageous to a fault, and who showed me that cross country could be an easy, joyful romp.

Kevin Baumgardner

Past Area VII Chair

Past USEA President

Kevin & Denzil


2014 Area VII Year End Award Winners

Congratulations to everyone receiving a year end award. They will be handed out at our Area VII Annual Awards Dinner, Saturday, January 10 at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA.  Be sure to sign up for all or part of the meeting!

Senior Beginning Novice
Horse Owner Rider
1st First Legacy GM Gwendolyn Marshall NELSON MITTUCH
2nd Casey B Tara Dunford DEBORAH COOK
3rd Razzo Megan Toth MEGAN E. TOTH
4th Dear Henry Steve Dearden KADY ELLIFRITZ
5th Quantum Leap Melinda Thomas MELINDA C. THOMAS
Senior Novice
Horse Owner Rider
1st Aelsie Pea Carla Ellert KELSEY L. HORN
2nd Cavalier Martha Wehling MARTHA WEHLING
3rd More Than Friends Anna Collier ANNA C. COLLIER
4th The Bear King Kathy Rundhaug KATHY RUNDHAUG
5th Coolnamara Unknown Owner JAMES GREEN
Senior Training
Horse Owner Rider
1st Mateo Kelly McKimmy KAREN L. O’NEAL
2nd Kaoimhe Louise Reulbach LOUISE M. REULBACH
3rd Fun and Games Erika Graff ERIKA L. GRAFF
4th Indio BMW Susan Trettin MARC GRANDIA
5th Dreamer Terrie Hook TERRIE HOOK
Open Preliminary
Horse Owner Rider
1st Huxley Heights Kelsy Smith KELSY SMITH
2nd The Green Machine Anna Collier ANNA C. COLLIER
3rd Freudentag Tracy Berg KAREN L. O’NEAL
4th Helium Risin’ Maris Burns KELSEY N. DEVOILLE
5th Cavalier Clover Boy Brynn Hamel BRYNN HAMEL
Open Intermediate
Horse Owner Rider
1st Brighton Rebecca Buehler REBECCA BUEHLER
2nd Mystic Mojo Randal Sparks ALLISON SPARKS
3rd Fernhill Eagle Company Team Rebecca, LLC MARC GRANDIA
4th Prince William Mary Burke MARY BURKE
5th Chaos Anni Grandia ANNI GRANDIA
Horse Owner Rider
1st Revitavet Capato Barbara and Gary Linstedt JORDAN LINSTEDT
2nd Gleaming Road Anna Collier ANNA C. COLLIER
3rd Brighton Rebecca Buehler REBECCA BUEHLER
4th Mystic Mojo Randal Sparks ALLISON SPARKS
5th Dee Dee Chaser Cindy Marvin JIL WALTON

2014 Area VII Year End Award Winners

Congratulations to everyone receiving a year end award. They will be handed out at our Area VII Annual Awards Dinner, Saturday, January 10 at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA.  Be sure to sign up for all or part of the meeting!

Junior Beginning Novice

Horse Owner Rider
1st Mr. Wally Michele  Flanders MADISON FLANDERS
2nd tara/gone with the wind Gretchen Hogan HEATHER HORNUNG
3rd Ladies First Jordan Linstedt MADELYN C. FLOYD
4th Charlie’s Chocolate Factory Suzanne De Quilettes EMILY HOUSTON
5th Mr. Chad Michelle  McKee TARYN MCKEE
Junior Novice
Horse Owner Rider
1st Pele Lilly Linder LILLY LINDER
2nd Grammy Nominee Whitney Shapiro CHRISTINE L. NYE
3rd Fernando Julia Van Fleet JULIA VAN FLEET
4th Daddy’s Harley Kayla Dumler KAYLA DUMLER
5th O’Donnells Midnight Belle Abigail Saar ABIGAIL SAAR 


Junior Training
Horse Owner Rider
1st Sumatra Lillian Thiel LILLIAN THIEL
2nd Osito Barb Jensen RIO JENSEN
3rd Manxome Devin Robel JOHN P. FILER
4th On The Spot Heather Carrion ELENA CARRION
5th TGIF Yvette Chandler OLIVIA CHANDLER
Young Rider Preliminary
Horse Owner Rider
1st Udealer Kristen  Snoozy MADELYNN SNOOZY
2nd Markus Karen O’Neal PATIENCE O’NEAL
3rd Tavien Verro Sophie Fearon MAGGIE M. FEARON
4th Denver’s Shadow Ann Baumgardner Ph.D. EMILY A. PESTL-DIMMITT
5th Dominic Q Ashley Loucks ASHLEY B. LOUCKS

Malcolm Hook to be 2015 Area VII Young Rider Coordinator

As of January 1, 2015 , we will have a new Young Rider Coordinator,  Malcolm Hook.  He has very generously accepted this new position and also wears many other hats.  Most of us know him by his distinctive voice as the announcer for many of our Area VII competitions as well as many in Area VI.  He is a  USEF Technical Delegate and also serves on several other committees for the USEA and the USEF.  Malcolm will be working with the current YR Coordinator, YR Board, and  our NAJYRC Coach to help keep the continuity during this transition.  We are looking forward to his great knowledge of our sport, communications skills and organizing abilities to keep our YR program moving in a positive direction.  Thank you Malcolm!

Time to Sign Up for the 2015 Area VII Annual Meeting – Saturday January 10, 2015, Red Lion Hotel, Olympia, WA


Please join us for the 2015
USEA Area VII Eventer’s Meeting, Awards Dinner & Auction

    Saturday, January 10              Red Lion Hotel          Olympia, WA

2015 Annual Meeting Sign Up

                                                       For Hotel Reservations:

USEA Hawley Bennet Clinic Jan 11-12th (Sunday and Monday) 2015 Sponsored by Area VII

Hi Everyone,

We have gotten word that the Hawley Bennett clinic is already half filled so sign up soon if you would like to ride with her following the Saturday January 10, Area VII Annual Meeting in Olympia,WA.

Click for details and sign up:

USEA Hawley Bennet Flyer

November 2014 Adult Rider News


This will be my last Adult Rider Report as I transition into the role of  Area Chair;  Maggie Rikard will resume her place as the Adult Rider Coordinator, ably assisted by Marie Schofield and the rest of our AR council.  Over the past three years I have enjoyed being your Adult Rider Coordinator and getting to know so many wonderful Adult Riders.  Area VII has the  best Adult Rider Program in the USEA because of the enthusiasm of our members and their interest in doing so many great things.  We successfully combine fun with our love for the sport of Eventing.  I’ve enjoyed getting inquiries from different ARs who are interested in helping out and becoming more involved in the many things our AR program offers.  I want to thank all the volunteers who have stepped forward to make our program what it is.

There is so much to look forward to in the AR Program for 2015 as we continue to grow.  With the inclusion of all of Montana and Idaho into Area VII we will be challenged with incorporating those Adult Riders into our family.  Keep an eye on the Calendar.

Time To Rest and Recharge

Every year at this time, I start putting on my winter layers and contemplate a different kind of riding from Thanksgiving into January.  Athletes need some time to recover from the past  season  so they can start the next one healthy and refreshed.  Since selling our Issaquah farm and moving to Portland, I’ve downsized my herd and now board my remaining pony.  Foregoing the chores has been a wonderful change, but winter storms have already kept me from driving to the new barn with its indoor arena and commercial footing. Not riding while still paying for board is like burning money but I intend to make my time in the saddle part of our recharging time.  Although I’m too far from the Woodbrook Hunt Club to include hilltopping in my winter routine, I’ll do the best I can with long walks up and down the hills west of Portland to keep in shape for the clinics I’m  hoping to find around here over the winter, even if it means riding with the DQs or H/Js.

And To Plan or Dream

If you are like me, its time to discuss your goals for next year and beyond with your coach. You’ve picked a target, perhaps the Area Adult Team Challenge at Inavale, the NB3DE or T3DE at Rebecca, your first One Star, the CanAms in BC, a move -up or the Area Championships at Caber.   You are working backwards from the key date to get your planning into your calendar.  You’ve inked in red deadlines for your vet inspections to get your health certificates. You are checking the vacation schedules to make sure you have the time free. For some things you are using a pencil because you know you may have to change your game plan once or twice.  Flicka may pop an abcess.  What’s your Plan B?  Or your sister-in-law wants to get married before the baby is born, and that’s gotta happen the same weekend you have a qualifier. Is there a Plan C or is it possible to call in sick?  You are contemplating when you need to ramp up your conditioning without peaking too early or not having plenty of horse left when you pass between the finish flags.

You’ve promised yourself that you and Flicka are going to start the new season refreshed, healthy, more motivated and on track.

I’ve renewed my USEA and AR membership.  I’m tackling the stacks of PH, Equus, Dressage Today and US Eventing that threatens to topple off my night stand and crush me in my sleep.   I’m cutting exercises out of the magazines that are going to keep me out of DFL.  I’m looking for a local Zumba class or Tai chi do-jo to fight off the onslaught of the comfort food season.

And I’m looking forward to the annual pub crawl  January 10th in Olympia.

Thanks for a really good three years and have a great winter.

John Meriwether







November 2014 Area VII News

Greetings Area VII Members,

I cannot believe November is here.  I hope your upcoming Thanksgiving holiday proves to be enjoyable and your ponies coats are not as woolly as mine. The first week of December, I will be attending the USEA National meeting in Ft. Worth, Texas. This will be my last one as Area VII Chair.  John Meriwether will be taking over  after our meeting in January.  The date of our meeting is January 10, 2015 at the Red Lion in Olympia WA.  It would be great to have a wonderful turn out.  We have several activities planned as well as our standard meetings.  In the afternoon, Hawley Bennet-Awad will be our guest speaker and will be doing a clinic at Aspen Farms January 11-12.  Devin Robel is organizing it and a flyer will be out shortly.  The Adult Rider cocktail hour will follow, along with dinner and our year end awards.  Throughout the day we will have our silent auction, so please everyone, let’s help out supporting the area by spending some bucks on the many items Barb Barke has procured! Our awards, annual meeting and extra activities are completely dependent on our silent auction outcome.

I would like to thank all the people who have helped me with my duties these past three years.  I would not have been able to accomplish anything without their help.  With Claudia Morgan and Lisa DenBeste, we were able to get a new Area VII website revamped and running smoothly three years ago. Luigi Meneghelli had taken care of it by himself for many years besides running his Inavale event.  Lisa put the new site together but Claudia has done ALL the day to day work.  She posts articles, pictures, updates calendars, clinic information etc., it has been a large task.  Nancy Rodriguez will be taking over the care of our website with Claudia assisting when necessary.  Nancy, for many years, has helped out Adult Rider communications as well as helping organize the last three annual meetings.

The meetings have been a cooperative effort of many doing many tasks as volunteers.  I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to: Claudia Morgan, Nancy Rodriguez, Lou Leslie, Anni Grandia, Diane Snow, Sarah Kelly (Rebecca Farm), John Meriwether, Barb Barke, Jill Thomas, Lorilee Hanson and Ann Sweeney and her catering staff at the Red Lion!  Hopefully I have not forgotten anyone.  I appreciate all the help and input from my Area Council.  Their experience and advice has been insightful and thoughtful when it comes to sorting out the issues that do come up from time to time. My council consists of: Lorilee Hanson – treasurer, Lou Leslie – BOG(area affairs), Mark Hart – BOG, Sarah Kelly – BOG, Kevin Baumgartner – legal advice and visionary, Malcolm Hook – USEF rules committee and always learned voice of reason, Jonathan Elliot – head of organizers, John Camlin – event calendar, John Meriwether – AR coordinator and incoming area chair, Piper Cheney and Dawnn Rebholz – YR coordinators past and present and Marc Grandia – rider rep.   Without everyone’s energy and sheer love of our sport, the area chair position would be a monumental and tangled task.  Thank you again to all!

MB - Zsazu at Rolex

Melissa Beardsley

I would like to congratulate all of our 2014 Area VII Champions and Reserve Champions! 

Area VII Championship 2014 at Caber Farm:

Open Intermediate:

Champion: Rebecca Buehler/Brighton

Reserve Champion: Allison Sparks/Mystic Mojo

Open Preliminary:

Champion: Anna Collier/The Green Machine

Reserve Champion: Madelynn Snoozy/Udealer

Open Training:

Champion: Karen O’Neal/Mateo

Owner: Kelly McKimmy

Reserve Champion: Gary Mittleider/Semper Fidelis

Owner: Kimberly Hunter and Gary Mittleider

Open Novice:

Champion: Kelsey Horn/Aelsie Pea

Owner: Carla Ellert

Reserve Champion: Attila Rajnai/Mercury Rose

Owner: John Wurzler – Never Done Farm

Open Beginning Novice:

Champion: Megan Toth/Razzo

Reserve Champion: Nelson Mittuch/First Legacy GM

Owner: Gwendolyn Marshall