Scott Keach Show Jumping & CC Workshops Hosted by Adult Riders

Adult Riders, It’s time to get the ball rolling for Scott’s next trip out here.  Scott has suggested a slightyly different format, one day of Show-Jumping and one day of X- Country, though the INT/ADVs may want to just work on Show jumping both days, which can be arranged by talking with the organizers.  We will have room for about 16 riders with four to a group of 90 minutes each.  Priority will be given to riders who have already worked with Scott.  The Caber Clinic may fill up with Training level and above.  Beginning Novice may be offered at Polestar only if space is available.  We may combine groupings for the sake of suitability. We will be at Polestar on July 30-31 and Caber Aug 1-2. 

Attached is the entry form and releases.  For Caber, please go to this link.

We will have a group dinner with Scott after the first day of both sessions for an additional cost.  Auditors are welcome but will need to contact the clinic organizers.  Aimee Witherspoon is the Caber Organizer and John Meriwether will be the Polestar Organizer..  Some stabling is available through the respective farms and arrangements should be made directly with the farms.

Looking forward to another great session.  Please do not hesitate to call me or Aimee if you have any questions.


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 Dear Web Gang,

Thank you so much for changing to the white background. The white on black did look really cool but I am one of those people that had a hard time reading it on my old computer.

The new web site is great! I love that you have both the recognized and unrecognized activities on it. The link to the start box is super convenient too. Thanks for all you have done and are doing to make this website great! 

I’m a little shy about publishing anything online but it you want you can post the following ( after editing of course!):

Congratulations Woodbrook Hunt Pony Club!

You did a great job organizing and running your first 1-day event. We had a great time and everything ran smoothly and very close to your estimated times. We appreciate how much manpower these One-Day Trials take to pull off and it was nice to see all your members, families and friends involved. Thanks for a fun day!

Jeanette and Sarah Fohn


The web gang says THANK YOU Jeanette and Sarah, for such a sweet note.  No editing needed!


Hi Everyone,

In response to some of the feedback we have gotten on the new website, we decided to make a few changes.  Many of you didn’t like the black background with white text because it was hard to read on some browsers and older computers.  It looked cool but wasn’t user-friendly so we did away with it.  The white background with black text should read much better.  We added the Eventing Evaluation form on the LINKS page but there is now no true direct online form from the USEA.  You have to download it, fill it out and send it back to Melissa via snail mail. Melissa is looking into getting the old online form resurrected and we will keep you posted.  We have had a few inquiries about adding a CLASSIFIED section as a new LINK. If at least a half a dozen of you e-mail us with a classified ad of some kind (horse related of course!), we will add it back in to the website.  Luigi said he got very few submitted on the old site so we decided to leave it out on start-up.

We have also turned off all the COMMENTS buttons since we were getting massive spam.  Please use our e-mail address for all kinds of correspondence. We promise to reply in short order!

If anyone would like to submit photos please send them as jpeg attachments to our e-mail address and we will post them.  Just include a good tag line!  The lovely new header photo was taken at the 2010 WEG in Kentucky by our web guru Lisa DenBeste.  She is an awesome photographer and we are dragging her to Whidbey Island Pony Club HT in July to take some candid shots!

See you out on course this summer!

Your Web Gang



A couple of months have passed since the sad loss of Amy Tryon. I will always remember her as someone who had the gift and tenacity to buy and start a young horse that no one else would take a second look at and turn it into an upper level Event horse or go all the way to the Olympics.  Those kinds of horse people are very rare in our sport as most top professionals take over a ride after the horse has at least done Preliminary with someone else…..who has that kind of time these days?  Sometimes all of us occasionally try to do it that way to stay in the game at the top levels but the best of the best still try to take the time to make their own horses like Amy and the likes of Britain’s Mary King.  I admired her for ability to go East and beat the pants off the best horse and rider combinations that resided there, leaving them stunned and in the beginning, wondering who the heck she was. She would then turn around and come back home to the Northwest to resume her Fire Service career and continue to train her small string of horses. She was self-made and that made her special.

It was wonderful to see one of our up and coming Area VII riders take her first crack at Rolex and end up with a completion.  Jordan Linstedt and her horse Tullibards Hawkwind (Jack) did just that. The pair put in a respectable dressage test in an electric environment they had never experienced before. She and Jack had a clear cross country round with some time penalties. She stuck to her plan to establish a good rhythm with Jack and jump everything clean and have a healthy horse at the end of the course.  It is so easy to go off your game plan and take unnecessary risks in the heat of the moment, especially at Rolex, which can often end up in elimination or retirement. Jordan show jumped well and had a few rails but finished with a huge smile and I am sure some relief. She has a great future ahead of her in our exciting but sometimes unforgiving sport.

Our Area VII website is clicking along and we have worked out most of the bugs and are averaging around 10,000 hits per month, which is very exciting! Luigi Meneghelli managed our past website all by himself for years and now we have three volunteers keeping it up to date. I have extra appreciation for him now as it is a BIG job!

Aspen Farms and Inavale Farm Horse Trials are both taking place this month and there should be full fields in all divisions. I hope everyone has a great go to start off the season.



2 years ago we started a pilot team competition which ran the entire season.  Now, the Meriwether Saddlery AR Team Competition has grown to approximately 70 riders on 7 teams.  Riders are randomly assigned to teams at the start of the season and each event the best three scores are counted.  Riders who may know each other become friends and find support from a whole new group.  One does not need to be an Adult Rider, or even an adult, with entries open to all.  Entries formally close the Wednesday before the spring NWEC HT (May 16th this year) and post entries close Saturday night at the spring Aspen Farms Horse Trials.   As an added bonus, there will be a drawing for a Back-on-Track Therapeutic Sheet given by Meriwether Saddlery and Area VII Adult Riders on Saturday night at the spring NWEC HT.  Everyone entered by the closing date is eligible for the drawing and need not be present to win. 

The teams are:

Kickin’ Butt and Takin’ Names:  Andy Kellogg, Chris Gianini, Caroline Bombar-Kaplan, Karen Laidley (Coming to Fruition), Norma Medkes, Leigh Mescher, Jessica Broadley, Catie Cejka, Harden Howell


2nd To None: Tamara Greene, Emma Stevens, Katherine Cole, Lisa Eppley, Jordan Linstad, Heidi West, Liza Linde, Roger McKimmy, Marie Schofield, Carina Vollmer.


WFP Is My Co-Pilot: Heidi Arnold, Betsy Kunert, Aimee Witherspoon, Mari Kerola, Lou Leslie, Tanya Striker, Kathryn Daniel, Turi McCabe, Melissa Proctor, Sam Bergin.


Hot To Trot: Kiki Statzer, Brenda Enyert, Devin Robel, Jackie Burch, Rachel McCart, Nikki Ayers, Alisa Sproufske, Bridget Brewer, John Meriwether


Babes On Bangtails: Allison Utting, Maggie Rikard, Jessica Jimenez, Lorilee Hanson, Karen Laidley (Snowglobe Effect), Kelly McKimmy, Barb Barke, Dawn White, Nancy Rodriguez


Tougher Than Tulips: Gail Magnuson, Fran O’Reilly, Karen Hensley, Anni Grandia, Anne Carr, Shara Kramer, Laurie Williams, Meika Decher, Sara MacKenzie


Honey Badgers: Kelsey Horn, Shaie Steiner, Kelly Walker, Barb Livingston, Brooke Phillips, Jonathon Elliott, Terri Niles, Jamei Koelzar, Jinn-Hee Kim

The 2012 Event season is upon us! We are planning many fun and
educational activities for this coming year. Please watch your email,
listen for announcements at shows and join the Area VII YR facebook page to
keep up to date on all that we have planned! We had a great start to the spring at Tulipsprings in
Kennewick. The annual Easter egg hunt was loads of fun and lessons by Stephanie Goodman and Jean
Moyer were fabulous! Thank you to all who made the trek to join us at ourannual spring camp.

Northwest HT’s marked the kick off of the Team Award Program for riders
competing at the BN – T levels. Watch for stall mail asking you to be a part
of a team at upcoming events. The Young Rider program will sign you up and
pay for your team. Please do not sign up for an additional team. Team
rosters will be posted at the score board. Please make it a point to find
and meet your team members. Any Young Riders riding at BN – T that are not
chosen for a team may form a challenge team and compete against the two
chosen teams. Challenge teams compete for the same prizes as the YR assigned
teams! Be sure and use “Young Riders” in your team name so we will know you
are challenging1 Don’t forget to come join us at the YR socials. Our next get together will be held
at Inavale on Friday evening. The Schatz family will host this gathering at 7:00 pm. Please listen for
announcements on the location of this activity. Come meet and greet new and returning members of
the Area VII YR program.

Each year Area VII Young Riders supports members who are signed up to ride
at the Training Half Star at Inavale. The Area VII YR program will provide a
course walk with one of the YR coaches, loan YR team equipment, provide
shirts, grooms in the vet box and lots of cheer leaders! If you are planning
on riding and would like to be a part of the YR Half Star team just let us
know. YR’s will pay for your team entry!

Join us June 26-29th at Aspen Farms for our annual summer camp. Instructors
will be Jonathan Elliott, Jessica Heidemann, Jean Moyer and Hawley Bennett –
Awad. More information and registration forms can be found at We are going to have a GREAT time!

At this time we have 5 candidates hoping to represent the Area VII YR
program in Lexington at the Kentucky Horse Park.
CCI One Star – Brigit Rossbach, Maria Schatz and Ashlynn Meuchel
CCI Two Star – Lizzie Snow
Please send these riders good wishes as they finish their qualifications and
continue in the selection process.

This year’s Benefit Horse Trials will be held August 3-5th at Lincoln Creek.
Plans are underway for a bigger and better show, a fabulous auction, dinner
catered by the one and only Gina Erskine ( YR camp chef!) and wonderful
prizes. Please plan on volunteering throughout this weekend. All Young
Riders are expected to be there. We also will need a big crew the weekend
prior to prep the show grounds and course. Please contact YRBHT volunteer
coordinator, Jackie Markham, by email to sign up to help. Jackie’s email is: . We also need auction items and desserts for the
Saturday night dinner and auction. Please contact Julie Vachon to donate, . Another way to help is by putting an ad in the program,
sponsoring a fence, or making donations for prizes. Please contact our event
organizer, Anni Grandia, if you can help in one of these areas! She can be
reached at
With everyone’s help we can make this a successful fundraiser!

I hope everyone has a fun and successful event season. We look forward to
seeing you at the shows and hopefully at camp! Please let me know if you
have any questions or ideas!

Piper YR Coordinator
Brynn YR Rep