A Special Tribute to Amy Tryon at NWEC May Classic Last Weekend

Photo by Lee Schaber

“This is the first Area VII event since we lost a very dear friend, and a legendary eventer, Amy Tryon.  For all her international success, Amy never forgot where she came from, and always remained one of us.  As an example, the Turner family have told me how much they have appreciated Amy’s support over the years here at the Northwest Equestrian Center.  So on behalf of the Turners and all of us who have been lucky enough to call Amy Tryon our friend, I would like to invite each and every competitor, trainer, official, organizer, parent, and eventing enthusiast to join us at 6:15 tonight, on the grassy slope on the West side of the show jumping warm-up, in a brief but very special tribute to Amy’s extraordinary life and career.  You will be photographed, so wear your brightest clothes–no earth tones!–and we’ll see you tonight”.
Announcement that Kevin Baumgardner made before the gathering in memory of Amy.  Our large and colorful community will not forget her.